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Audax Italiano, Junior Team (Chile)

Jorge Rodriguez joined the junior team for Audax Italiano in 1972 at only 11 years old.  He went on training for the professional junior team from 1972 to 1976.

Audax Italiano vs. Colo-Colo (Chile)

Quite an important game!  Audax Italiano went on winning the game by one goal scored by Jorge Rodriguez

Audax Italiano training for another big game against La Universidad de Chile (La U)

Jorge Rodriguez playing for Audax Italiano against La Universidad de Chile

Curioco Unido Chile, 1983-1984

Santiago Wanders, Chile 1984-1985

Audax Italiano team 1986-1987

The dream became a reality!  1987 Jorge Rodriguez moved from Chile to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to play for the Edmonton Brickmen.  

 The Edmonton Brickmen (Canada) 1987-1992

Jorge Rodriguez traveled with a group of players from Edmonton, Alberta that he trained to play for Santiago Morning, Chile. 

One of those players being Tosaint Antony Ricketts who went on to become a Canadian professional soccer player who plays for MLS club Toronto FC and the Canadian national team as a forward.  Coached and Trained by Jorge Rodriguez

Proud coach Jorge Rodriguez with Professional Soccer Player Tosaint Ricketts 

Asmir Begović is a Bosnian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club AFC Bournemouth and the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team, for which he is vice-captain.  Coached and Trained by Jorge Rodriguez

Recipient of the Bert Goldberger Technical Leader Award

This particular award is an extreme honor for Jorge, as the meaning behind the award is: 

The award is selected by the ASA technical committee and presented to an individual who has demonstrated technical leadership in an effort to enhance the reputation of soccer in Alberta. The recipient should lead or inspire others to improve the game of soccer from a regional, provincial, national or international perspective.